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    Why do FLVs not work from a HD like they work on DVD?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi - I have a completed project (AS2) that contains a lot of FLVs.  I burned it onto DVD and it works great on Mac (guide.app) and PC (guide.exe).

      Here's the web version of the project.http://newpixelcity.com/irs08/


      Now, months later, I have to provide the project with source files (FLA's) and some other stuff  - so I got an external HD, copied the files from the working DVD onto it.  Running the guide.exe off of the external (connected to WinXP SP3) works just like running it off the DVD  -  EXCEPT for the FLVs which simply to not appear.



      Everything up to that step works:  When I click on "guide.exe", the "splash screen" opens showing the title and 4 buttons.  These buttons are to choose a language and they work.  When I select a language and click its button the GUI for the language with menus appear and they work.  When I click on a topic from the menu, the topic's skin appears but the video inside the skin doesn't play.  Everything works but the FLVs.


      Even weirder - If I use VLC Player to open an FLV directly - the FLV will play.  That tells me there is some path issue but how can a path change when it's compiled into the SWF?  Besides - the paths from swf to flv has not changed when I copied all the files to the external.


      Can anyone shed some light as to why the FLVs will not play on the external the same way they play when on the DVD?