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    Motion Tweening in CS4, please assist.

    Skoolbus777 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a character that I'm trying to animate. In particular it's an arm, hand, and finger. The animation is pretty much a character doing a "come and get your butt kick" animation with his gesture.


      Each of the three elements (arm, hand, finger) are separate symbols... all derived from copy/pasting from Illustrator. I set the animation keyframes for each, selecting as a all (shift select) and adjusting per the pivot point.


      When I choose motion tween, it doesn't do anything, it still jumps, but the color insists that the tween is there. I tried classic tween and all but the finger animate appropriately. Guessing classic doesn't allow more than two elements.


      What may be the problem:

      - For each symbol (remember 3 of them) if I were to go into that symbol, must everything be broken apart? At the time of writing this, I only have the 3 symbols. But I thought maybe within the symbols having groups is a bad thing?


      Thanks for your time and help.

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          jendehaan Level 4

          Are you creating keyframes and then choosing motion tween, as per classic tweening?  If so, you might want to check out this article about the differences between new and classic motion: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/motion_migration_guide.html


          What you want to do is create the motion tween, and then just change the rotation/position along the span - your keyframes will be added for you as you animate.



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            Skoolbus777 Level 1

            Thanks for the help...


            Here's what I did, and I only found out by spending hours on it.


            I dropped some keyframes, but then per keyframe, I changed the pivot circle after hitting "Q". So when I went back to arrange so my tweens worked (ended up using Classic)... they'd float. So now I know to set my pivot points first before continuing with adding keyframes.



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              jendehaan Level 4

              Yeah, the transform point is not tweenable.


              That said, this is one of the difficulties people run into solved by the new motion system

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                Skoolbus777 Level 1

                I also wanted to add, that I was taking a movie clip, going within it, and creating yet another movie clip and animating it. Then I'd come back out of the movieclip, and the parent movieclip I'd animate. So I was animating a movie clip that had a nested movieclip... and I've learned that just doesn't work.... unless there's a trick I'm not understanding.

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                  jendehaan Level 4

                  You can animate MCs with nested animation. What did you find wasn't working?

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                    Skoolbus777 Level 1

                    I can't duplicate it.


                    I think what I did that wasn't working was the following:


                    I had an arm, hand, and finger. The animation was like a "hey come here".


                    I'd animate the finger (rotation point at hand), then the hand (rotation point at the arm), then the arm (rotation point at the torso) in that order. I think what I did wrong was, I should have selected all of them (arm, hand, finger) and then animated the rotation of the whole (the group of the whole limb). then work down to the hand and the finger. I think I was animating details first (backwards), then groups second. I assume that's what makes things jump sometimes.


                    Hopefully that makes sense.

                    • 7. Classic Tween, then Classic Tween Nested Animation
                      Skoolbus777 Level 1

                      I figured out why my animations were getting messed up. If I create a movieclip, go within it, and animate it... then back out, and then animate the movieclip (so there's a nested within) it doesn't work. This is speaking strictly with Classic Tweens. The only thing I can animate outside of the nest is the Alpha.

                      What I found to work, is that if you use a Classic Tween for your movieclip, and then back out of the nest and then choose to animate you have to use a Motion Tween. So that's what I've been experiencing.


                      I've wanted to approach Flash where I have very little or a very clean root animation timeline then I drop movieclips on one keyvframe (with multiple layers), and once in awhile animate those movieclips and their animations within. So looks like I need to learn more about MotionTweening.