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    spark NumericStepper question

    fedster72 Level 1

      Looks like values from a Spark NumericStepper TextDisplay, i.e. entered by typing in the TextInput associated with the NS, only get committed when the user presses enter. That's an issue if you use the NS in a DG, as the standard behavior on spreadsheet like tools is that Tab, or clicking on another cell, generally commits values that were typed by the user. Looking at the spark NS code, it looks like textDisplay_focusOutHandler is private, and thus can't be overriden. I thought about creating my own focusHandler for TextDisplay in my code but then again, commitTextInput is also private.

      Is there an easy way to tweak the focus out behavior that I'm missing, or am I stuck? The latter would be tragic, as Spark NS are super awesome.


      thank you for any advice!