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    Want to get Captivate 2 .swf into ebook

    Roy Henry

      I am trying to move a course from CD to ebook. All I have are the autorun CD files, including the .swf file; the .cp file cannot be found and the person who created it is longer with the company. The .swf contains screen snaps and voice over, as well as some cursor animation. My problem is that the .swf file starts playing as soon as the student goes to the ebook page that contains the .swf file.


      To the best of my knowledge I can't use the player skin that comes with Captivate without the .cp file, so my proposed solution is to import the .swf into Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, add controls and code that has the movie stopped when opened, and save it as a more user-friendly .swf for the ebook. I am a technical writer, not a programmer, and even though I have spent many hours searching the internet and even reading a book or two about Flash programming, I cannot get a working .swf file. I'm wondering if anyone can point me to example code that will do what I need. I found out about rdcmnd functions and the advantage of the MovieClipLoader class over the loadMovie method, but I seem to be unable to put it all together in a working .swf.


      I agree with Captiv8r that a decompiler for Captivate .swf files would be good.