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    Activations can not be deactivated?


      Abode support called me after putting in a request to reset my activations and told me two things - it was not possible to reset my activation (I need to create a new account and lose the content on my PC) and the ctrl+shift e will deactivate the device but will not subtract 1 in the activation count.  If we would like a de-activation feature. we need to put in an enhancement request.  We are a library with a large ebook collection that requires ADE.  We had planned to circulate several ebook readers.  We would have the students download ADE on their own machines and activate the readers.  They would then be able to download content from our vendor using their own authorizations, thus adding notes, etc. to the ebooks they borrow.  The idea was that they would deactivate the ebook reader after using it.  This would mean that after borrowing 5 devices they would have to create a new abode id and start all over.  This just does not sound logical.  I know that my account is locked because I did not know about the 5 device limit; I reset the devices thinking that it would deactivate ADE, but I figured if I got my account reset and deactivate each device after I use it I could keep under my limit.  It sounds like once an activation is added, it is there forever.  Is this correct and if so can anyone provide advise on how we can loan these ebook readers.