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    need help with resizing for HD


      I need some help for resizing images that I am importing into premier

      I dont think I understant this very well.

      So let start off my saying I have an "still image" of the size of 1936 x 1288. I think 720p is 1280 by 720, and 1080p is 1920 by 1080

      So I want to resize 1936 x 1288, to 1280x 720, I think. so I cant just do it by image--resize in photoshop because of the portortions would be wrong.

      does anybody have any suggestions.

      When resizing in photoshop if you constrain porportions you can not achieve these sizes, but from watching time-lapse videos I know it can be done.

      I posted it in this forum because I thought someone might have done this before.