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    CS5 Trouble conforming audio from AJA Kona


      Adobe CS5 seems to take a LONG time conforming audio files from video that I capture off my AJA Kona LHi card (in standard def. quicktime DV25 format). I know that it is compressed and needs to be conformed, but it seems to take forever.


      Computer Specs
      My Specs:
      2.13 Ghz
      Nvidia GTS 480 with CUDA enabled
      12 GB Ram
      Windows 7
      Aja Kona LHi Card with

      I have a CS4 machine with similar specs (but with only 4 GB RAM and an older non-CUDA graphics card) and it conforms audio faster... I've even imported audio off the CS5 machine and had those files conform much faster. On CS5 an hour of footage can take up to an hour to conform audio.... But on the CS4 machine it only takes few minutes.... Curious.


      Now on my CS5 machine, as I capture the footage, my free RAM on my machine is constantly lowering. On the CS4 machine, capturing footage does not seem to affect my RAM which stays relatively consistent during capture. After about 25 minutes the RAM has completely depleted on the CS5 machine. I'm guessing this has something to do with my problem...


      On both machines the audio conform files are being sent to a cache folder I created. On the CS4 computer it is on the same drive as the media, on the CS5 machine the cache is being sent to a dedicated drive.


      I can't understand why the newer, faster computer with multiple drives and more speed takes forever to conform audio. The drivers are up to date.


      Can someone help me with this? Thanks!!!!!!