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    PE9 Instant movie and Rendering trouble.

    davidr@cavtel.net Level 1

      First off let me say the program in general seems to be glitchy.  On install I could not sort while in Premiere by tags...after a dozen shut downs and program restarts it just started working.


      In any case here is a start to my issue:  I had about 3 minutes of clips in mts format.  I could not get instant movie to work.  It kept asking for assets even thought I selected the clips.  After shutdown and restart and opening and closing the program several times it suddenly took the clips...but then when it finished processing it wanted me to save the file to some unknown named disk???  Memory and hard faults are from 25 minutes after rendering canceled.  Around the same as when the rendering was still active before canceling.


      Finally after several attempts instant movie worked.  I saved it and then attempted to render.  It was moving along ago but then it stopped showing estimated time to completion.  Every know and then it would show 35,0000 plus hours remaining.  After 8 hours of rendering and 3 hours of it on 99% complete I canceled out when I noticed as it would try to render the frames the number of frames it said it had to render kept changing...going up.  Was it caught in a loop?  It has been twenty minutes and my memory is still not released and premiere has a white screen (not released).


      Note: Downloaded trial and then added reg code....did not install from disks.


      Computer Configuration:

      1. Vista Ultimate 64 bit
      2. AMD Phenom Quadcore 2.51 Ghz
      3. 4 Gb Ram
      4. Service Pack 2
      5. Updated BIOS and all Drivers a few months ago before installing Premiere Elements 9.

      System Resource Usage.PNG

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I think you should contact Adobe Tech Support.


          There is clearly something seriously wrong with the way your system or Premiere Elements is configured. It certainly should not behave this buggy.

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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            That is BAD!!!

            Hard Disk has some sectors that seem to have gone bad. Try doing a defrag to see that and then do a scandisk to rectify some parts. Surely this is a disk access issue. The time remaining calculations will not shoot up otherwise..

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              rdnelson Level 2

              Your screen shot shows that PrE is using quite a bit of memory for a small clip -- almost half of your 4GB just for the application.  But this also depends on the amount of transition, number of clips, and required translation.  Vista could take up much of the rest-- depending on how it is configured.


              The Hard Faults in the Resource Monitor is the number of times that memory needs to be swapped into physical ram to/from disk.  It can be an indication of running low on available ram memory.  Although a system with twice as much memory will still have hard faults as the OS will decide still swap even though there is available physical ram memory.


              A fragmented disk could cause additional swapping time as well as one that is almost full.  How much hard drive space is left?


              Video editing software will also a system more than other applications.  This could cause funny behavior which only appears to be related to the application. Has your system been stress tested?

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                AbhiS2010 Level 1

                Also try changing your catalog from Elements Organizer and then starting PRE with a new project.

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                  davidr@cavtel.net Level 1


                  I think I do need more ram...I have tried to and found out that my AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.5 GHz will only allow/run 1 dim per channel at 1066mhz. If I get four 800mhz dims I can increase the amount but loose the speed. ASUA says it is AMD's issue and from what I gather that seems to be true...not happy about it.  I was thinking of upgrading to a Phenom II at 3.4 GHz but I am not convinced the ASUS M3A78 T motherboard will allow the addition of more ram...maybe 8 Gb total.  I have priced a new motherboard with updated processor and ram and it gets a little too expensive.  Not sure how to proceed?


                  I have a 1 TB hard drive separate from the OS drive (80 gb).  All my applications and personal docs and media are on the 1 TB drive.  I have 750 Gbs free.


                  I have not run any stress test nor am I sure how to.


                  If it helps my system scores 5.7 on the windows experience index.


                  I clean my registry and optimize/defrag my drives regularly.


                  NOTE:  I used the "extreme sports theme" to create this movie.  It added a lot of effects, music etc.  I di d not have enough footage after trimming and it asked if I wanted to proceed.  It said it would re-use clips if the footage was not long enough.  I noticed that towards the end of the timeline the footage is missing...music exists but no footage.  When previewing the un-rendered movie the screen goes black.  I think this where the rendering goes bad.  It renders about 80% of the footage quickly and then slows way down.



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                    rdnelson Level 2

                    There are a couple of applications I have used to stress test my system.   The first application is Everest Ultimate.  Look under the menu Tools/System Stability Test.  The second is OCCT.  The Linpack test is great to start off with.


                    I was having problems with PrE 8 either crashing or behaving funny.   At that time I was running 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz and not overclocked.  PrE was showing the most problems where almost I could not use the software at all.  I was having other random issues too - but only about once every other week.


                    I stress tested my system and determined there was an issue.  I could not complete a single round of stress testing.


                    I attempted to change my system settings, send the RAM in for exchange, etc... but could not get the system stable.  Others who had the same motherboard as mine recommended to switch to a different DDR3 vendor.  I did and immediately all my issues were resolved.  After one month of stability I added another 4 GB.  I have had zero issues with my system since I made the switch which has been well over a year ago.  The system just runs and runs.


                    How much space is left on your OS drive?


                    What are your virtual memory settings configured for right now?


                    Where did you tell PrE to put the temporary files (scratch disk locations?

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                      davidr@cavtel.net Level 1



                      I tried to reinstall software and did the following:


                        I started new project placing the files in again but not trimmed and now I get this message during instant movie creation.




                      Disk request.PNG


                      This came up before as well and then suddenyl stopped???








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                        rdnelson Level 2

                        I don't have PrE9.  I did however try to create a short clip (M2T) and use the extreme sports instant movie feature with PrE8.  It rendered without issue.  It took just over 20 minutes to render.  The effects were actually quite nice.


                        The clip was under 3 minutes.  PrE 8 repeated the clip to fill up the 3 minute and 49 second music duration so there were no blank spots.


                        There was another thread that was also getting a similar No Device issue except it was on \device\harddrive3\DR3.  The recommendation there was to uninstall everything and re-install!  As you just did this, I'm not sure what that would do for you.


                        I really don't have a clue what is going on with your setup.

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                          davidr@cavtel.net Level 1

                          If you search the adobe forums by the text "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe - No Disk" there is a long 4 page thread that explains how to identify which drive has a problem and how you might fix the problem.  I have not done so yet. 


                          The message the adobe error gives sometimes makes no sense because it is a removable type of drive causing the problem (flash, SDHC,USB key, External Harddrive, etc). I guess your problem may or may not be related.  Most of the other posts noted the problem during the application of themes or instant movies as is my case...but you did not have that problem. 


                          It might be worth mentioning that after leaving the computer and shutting down and coming back the next day I was able to apply an instant movie but I could not render it.  Upon attempting to apply a theme or instant movie again to a new project the problem came back?