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    sending mails through flash mx in a .exe

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      I am using flash mx and I created a .exe but I when I press an email I want my program to open the users outlook or mail program. I tried using jugglor but this has caused me more trouble than a solution because it runs differently in every computer I've tried it after I've compressed my program with jugglor. So I want to know if anyone has another solution for sending mails through flash mx in an .exe proyector.

      Thanks a lot!

      Brenda S.
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          Hi Brenda,

          What problems were you getting ?

          Does this example work fine on your machine ?


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            bso_71 Level 1
            Since I'm loading xml files and .swf files I had to change the path names and use _5C and _5F and local_25, but they don't seem to work in all the computers that I've tested it, the files don't load when I use the loadMovie and the doc.load. The strange thing is that in some computers it works fine and in others it doesn't work. The part of the email is not the problem, it's the loading files that I'm having trouble with. So is there another program that I can use to send mails through a .exe? without having to change paths and not affect the way my program loads .swf files and .xml files?
            Thanks a lot.