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    Too Many Activation Errors 3 times in the last month!


      Yes, that.s right.  I've gotten this error 3 times in the last month.  I keep opening tickets and it get fixed and 2 weeks later same thing.  I only access this software via my home laptop.  I have 3 Sony readers and that's it.  The problem is that this software if you clean your cache keeps asking you to activate everytime there after.  I opened a ticked on the 1st and it was closed without it getting fixed.  So I just opened a new one and hopefully someone can help me stop this from constantly happening.


      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 319:9191:10000 urn:uuid:5c581dc5-488b-48b2-bdfe-d7182fc14713