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    iPad Packager?

    kevkong1971 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I understand Apple have lifted restrictions on creating apps using flash. I've now been using the iphone packager in cs5 to try this out, my question is:


      Does this packager support the ipad or will it at some point in the future? The documentation regarding this is thin on the ground so I'm unsure.


      I know you can create an 'iphone OS' type new document, I don't think you can just then change the stage size to accomdate an iPad?????


      Any thoughts would be very helpful, or any links to any further reading/info would be appreciated.





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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the latest update to flash cs5 allows you to publish for the ipad.

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            Loveanie Level 1

            Yes, to be more precise, when you choose iPhone as publish settings, click on the Settings button next to it. You see near the bottom a drop-down menu named Device where you can choose between iPhone, iPad or iPhone + iPad.


            Like mentionned tough, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of Flash CS5...

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              kevkong1971 Level 1

              That's excellent help, cheers guys. I've just updated and the option described is now there.


              One thing though, when I'm creating a new IOS project that I want specifically for the iPad I've noticed that for 'new document' setup there is no option for the iPad, just iPhone. OK I could set the stage size to the correct iPad size but will the packager handle this.


              I read that the packager can not use the full iPad resolution unless the project is created purely in vector is this true? I may want to throw the odd bitmap in there and if I did it at the iphone resolution it would obviously lose quality?


              cheers so far for the advice.



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                Loveanie Level 1

                Well, that's my guess also (didn't try it).


                If you want to export for both iPhone and iPad, I guess you just use the iPhone one and it will resize on the iPad, BUT, like you said, it's better then to use vectors only, or you will loose quality...


                Of course, you could also do it manually: one version for the iPhone and another one for the iPad, I guess...

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                  kevkong1971 Level 1

                  OK thanks mate,


                  I'll have a bit play when I get the iPad next week. I'll post any findings and that might hopefully help someone else.

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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    yes, pick iphone in the publish setting but then click on the iphone settings and you'll be able to choose iphone, ipad or iphone and ipad.


                    and use a stage size of 1024x748 to use the fullscreen and allow the 20 pix for the status bar.

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                      kevkong1971 Level 1

                      Great, that's answered my question. I was worried what I'd read about the packager not taking advantage of the ipad resolution which meant I couldn't use bitmaps if needed.


                      Cheers Guys