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      Has anyone found a solution to this stupid problem yet?  I am using a MAC with OSX 10.4.11 and Firefox browser. Have tried uninstall / reinstall, moving the system date backwards, deactivating firewall...nothing worked so far.


      thanks to any techies who can provide guidance...

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          I have been working on this problem for the last 3 days. Did you get it figured out?

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            If you are activating ADE on the Mac (IMPORTANT - ADE itself and not a device), and getting this error, then you chose not to let ADE have access to the Keychain, when the Keychain access.  To fix this look for the "Digital Editions" password in Keychain Access (Applications - Utilities) and ensure that ADE has access to it (under Access Control).

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              jwgpp Level 1

              I checked my keychain access and could not find ADE anywhere. I don't really use keychains, there is a system keychain, a x509 certificate keychain and a x509 anchor keychain. The only application that shows up is my airport network. I have tried leaving the keychains unlocked but I think they lock again when I exit the program. I can try resetting to factory default settings in the keychain preference file. Since I don't use keychains I don't think I can hurt myself to much. If you or anyone has a better idea please let me know.

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                jwgpp Level 1

                I think I have this problem fixed for the time being 2 different ways. The first way I got ADE installed was to create a new user ID. Ran the program using that ID and it installed no problem. The other way I got this installed using my normal ID was to go to Keychain Access in the Programs>Utilities and under preferences click reset keychain, leave it unlocked and start ADE. I will let you know if I have any other problems.


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                  You are all way more technologically inclined than I am.  Sometimes I get the E_AUTH... Sometimes I get TOO MANY ACTIVATIONS... In either case, I have no idea where the keychain thing is that some emails say here can fix things.  I have 14 ebooks in my borders e-library and I can't get a single book to go to my ereader and books that I had loaded before these dumb messages started have all become "unreadable".


                  I spent 4 hours begging borders customer service to help me last night and being transferred into their technical service which is this horrible place with horrible music.  I can't find any way on ADE to get assistance.


                  I am so upset with myself for getting sucked into an ereader and buying ebooks!


                  If anyone can help a non-techie, I would appreciate it!

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                    jwgpp Level 1

                    Hi, That error message can be really aggravating. I try to help you if I can. I assume you have a Mac, if you don't I can't help. What I did to get Adobe Digital Editions installed was to start a new keychain with nothing in it and left it unlocked. Keychain is in the Applications>Utilities folder. I selected to show keychain in display bar just so I knew it was unlocked. I then went to the Adobe site to download digital editions and it installed without a problem. I hope this helps. As to the "to many devices" error message as far as I know you authorize your computer with Digital Editions only once, then it will authorize your book reader. All the books in Border's library should show up in Adobe Digital Editions once you get it installed. Good Luck Joe

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                      RMBDLG Level 1

                      NG.  I'm on a PC.  : (

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                        So, if I don't have a Mac, there is no way to use Adobe Digital Editons???

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                          jwgpp Level 1


                          What I was trying to say is I have a Mac and have no idea of how to make anything work on a PC since I'm rarely around one.