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    Exporting for the WEB and keep it under 100MB?


      Hi everyone I am trying to streamline a process where I can export .30 an hour footage, 720x480 without black sides for top and bottom/right or left and keep this under 100 MB. Can anyone help? I have problems exporting for the web even though I use quicktime h.264 or flv, it is just a disaster trying to discover the best method. I tried encoder/quicktime converter but i'm still having problems.

      Can someone help and please be specific.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          There are only two parameters that have any significant effect on file size, duration and bitrate.  Much like time x speed = total miles driven, duration x bitrate = file size.  So, if you want less miles on your car, you need to drive less time, or drive slower (or both).  Same with file size, you need to shorten the sequence, or use a lower bitrate (or both).


          Having said that, I find that H.264 is your best bet for quality.