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    Playback Lagging/Stuttering.. Audio issue?

    semajha Level 1

      By stutter, I mean video and audio playback is choppy. I just don't get it, I'm not doing anything or pushing it too hard. At the moment, I have 4 avchd clips on my timeline, with a music audio track on top of it. Playback was working extremely smooth, my memory is only maxing around 3.50 GB and CPU usage spikes to 60% but steadies out around 15% as the clip plays. There's no color grading or any fx added.


      When this first happened, I thought Foobar2000 might be have been the cause of this because I had it opened and playing music at the same time. Well on my 2nd time around, I made sure to have no other programs running, just Premiere Pro. As I'm playing the footage, it starts to stutter but what's weird is not only does video playback stutter inside Premiere but when I opened back up foobar, the audio stutters in that app as well!


      What could be the cause of this?


      This is happening at random and I can't seem to replicate it... It kinda just happens on it's own.  When the audio issue occurs, it not only affects playback within the software, but any other media playback such as foobar, youtube, etc.


      Some information on my audio setup... I currently have two soundcards. One external Konnekt 24D soundcard and the intergraded UD3R mobo soundcard. When this issue first happened, I was using my external sound card, so I figured premiere might not like the audio driver for my konnekt 24d. Restarted my computer and used the intergrated soundcard(headphone output), same issue occurs.  The audio track on my sequencer was an .mp3 and avchd video footage I have is from a Canon t2i if that matters. 


      I've ran hitman pro(malware), avast(antivirus), various hard drive diagnostic tools(hdtune, seatools), memtest86+ version 4.10 for 10 hours and everything appears to be fine. On Real Temp 3.60, the highest temps for my cpu cores max out around 73 C on full load. The only thing that I could think of that would worry me is my motherboards MCH. It easily gets up to 58 C probably more under heavy usage but I would know because in order to check on my MCH, I have to be in the BIOS.



      Intel i7 930 *Crap Batch* =(
      Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
      12GB Mushkin 998826 Ridgeback
      Graphics Card
      Palit GTX470 1280MB
      Hard Drive
      4x Samsung f3 1tb 2x Intel x25m SSD
      Sound Card
      Konnekt 24D
      Power Supply
      Corsair 850HX
      Cooler Master RC-692 II
      CPU cooling
      Corsair H70
      Windows 7 Ultimate
      23" Apple Cinema Display
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          Powered by Design Level 4

          Have you moved you video to a different hard drive to make sure its not the drive failing ?


          I was having problems when a drive started to fail.  I could do anything on the drive I wanted but play video.  The drive just doesn't spin fast enough anymore to handle video.




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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Typically stuttering/jerkiness is caused by background processes and services that steal resources from the system. You already mentioned Hitman Pro and Avast, that are notorious resource hogs.


            Download Sysinternal Utilities and run Process Explorer. If it shows more than 40 - 50 processes running, it is time to kill all the superfluous ones.


            Also check Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper for services to turn off. Last have a look at Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista... which also applies to Win7.

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              semajha Level 1

              Powered By Design, I doubt the hard drive is the issue. Like I mentioned before, it's not only playback within Premiere Pro but other media such as youtube as well(this only happens if I have CS5 open).  I have my Project saved to Samsung Spinpoint F3 drive and I'm using 4 drives total. I separated OS, Media Cache, Project, Media, and Exports to seperate drives.  I also, ran various hard drive diagnostic test and it appears that all my drives are healthy.


              Harm thanks for the advice, I'll definitely try disabling some background services and check out those links.  I just find it odd that my system works fine one minute than acts up all of sudden without any reason.  Playback is smooth as butter when I first open up the Premiere but then give it maybe 15-20 min or less, and it starts acting up.


              I am using Hitman and Avast but the only software running in the background is Avast, I'll try disabling it next time to see how that goes.

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                semajha Level 1

                YES! I think I may have found the culprit. I disabled avast antivirus shield and so far no issues whatsoever.  I've been on premiere for almost an hour with no problems!(knocks on wood)  Harm, I was planning on following your other advice on killing some background services(which I still am) but I wanted to narrow the problem down, so shutting off avast was the first thing I did and it appears to be working. =)  Thanks!


                I did some research and other people are having problems with audio playback when using the latest version of avast and windows 7.


                I'm hoping I won't run into anymore problems.  Will keep this thread updated.

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                  Powered by Design Level 4

                  That sounds great.


                  Happy editing.




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                    semajha Level 1

                    I spoke too soon... But at least premiere was able to run for awhile before playback started to stutter.  After an hour, I decided to web browse and watching some youtube videos.  That how I think I was able to get it to stutter, Harm is probably right in that its system resources being hogged up.  Will try killing some background services tomorrow and give an update on that.  I just thought an i7 system with 12gb ram and decently fast gpu would be able to handle it better than that.

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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >decided to web browse and watching some youtube videos


                      Well... let Premiere have 100% of your editing computer and buy a cheap computer for browsing the Internet


                      CS5 may be better than previous versions, where work would simply stop when the program focus went to another program (at least in my experience) but I personally never try to do ANYTHING else while Premiere is working

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                        semajha Level 1

                        I wanted to bump this old thread and give an update.  So far Adobe Premiere CS5 has been running flawless and I haven't had a single issue.  Playback lagging/stuttering seemed to be cured as soon as I updated everything to the latest firmware... Turns out that I didn't have the latest update for my bios or audio drivers. In addition to that, I followed Harm's link on how to disable certain background application that were eating up resources.  To be honest, I didn't notice much of a performance increase but it didn't cause any problems either so I guess i'm happy... So folks, just remember to check that your drivers and softwares are all up to date.