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    Activation limit of 6 devices is unrealistic


      The device activation limit of 6 is not realistic any more. I fear that many people will soon run out of their ADE actactivation rights and will require more.
      Just take me as an example: In addition to the 2 Sony readers I have and the one I had and sold again (makes 3 hardware reader activations) I activated the software reader txtr for iPhone (no. 4). When txtr updated that software I lost that activation. In order not  towaste a further activation right I did not activate txtr for iPhone again. I bought an iPad and activated txtr for IPad (no. 5). Now I have downloaded and activated the Bluefire Reader for iPad (no.6).  I would like to activate Bluefire Reader for iPhone as well, but I do not have any activation right left. So I would have to ask for more activation rights.
      Now that software readers for various mobile devices are available, limiting the activation rights to 6 is unrealistic and  annoying.

      Could please somebody from Adobe comment on this situation.