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    Container not working during and after 3D effect

    stephgravity Level 1



      In Flex 4, I have a component (a canvas) that has some children (the children are spread on the container and scroll bars appear). I'm setting some z values for these children.


      For this canvas, I am starting a 3D effect (for example <s:Rotate3D/>). After this moment, the Canvas stops working correctly: its content pane is no longer clipped (I see all the children, even if they should be hidden/clipped), and the scrollbars don't function any more. During and after the animation.


      I guess the components are locked in some kind of 3D state. 2 questions:
      How can I disable this 3D state after the animation is complete (so that the canvas can continue doing its job correctly)?
      Is there a way of making the Canvas container work correctly during the animation?


      REMARK: if I play the effect WITHOUT changing the z coordinate of the children, it all goes well.