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    education  version of Cap2

      Does the education version have any limitations as compared to cap 2 pro that anyone is aware of.?/ Is it the *same* as the full version.. I note the Education version comes up in the cap2 start up screen..

      I am running Cap2 and Vista and find it is quite unstable... (this could be a RAM problem though) I am also having problems with Audio but I see that others are too in Vista -Cap 2

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          With regards to the Education version, everything should be the same except the price and the licensing agreement.

          Captivate 2 is not officially supported on Vista and as you alluded to, there are any number of issues that can come up by doing so. As I understand it, the next version will be fully supported on Vista.
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            philb8 Level 1
            Hi Steve
            yes .. i took a better look at the box...Cap 2 ... OS: MS 2000 or XP (no mention of vista).. I'll have to put it on another box when I get back to work..
            hopefully i can get some answers to the audio import question though...
            have a good weekend