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    Flex Font end w/o Internet?

      I am a software developer who is looking to build a flex front end GUI for a windows mobile handheld. The program is intended to just allow basic form fillout on the handheld. Let's say ask for your first name, last name, and email address. I am pretty sure we cant query a database at all from the handheld.. so any data recorded or presented would have to come from or go to a text file. Then, this handheld will later transfer the text file to a computer using a sync cable.

      The questions I have are:

      1. Can a windows mobile handheld run a swiff/flex application and allow user data entry?
      2. If it can, can this little swiff/flex app run without connection to the internet or a CF server?

      If the answer to these questions are no.. Does anyone have any other ideas on how I may accomplish this task?

      Thanks, Mike
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          ntsiii Level 3
          1) Flex requires Flash Player 7 as a minimum. If the device can host a browser that supports an FP7 object or embed, then yes.

          2) yes it can run disconnected. The issue is data persistence. The FP can NOT write to the local file system. It CAN, however, write to a local SharedObject, which is like "a cookie on steroids", which is persisted when the Flex app is closed. look into that an see if it will meet your requirements.