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    Setting same properties to multiple buttons


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm completely new to this forum, and would like to ask your help for one issue.
      I am working on an interactive flash map, I was able to set all the countries borders with the help of fireworks (awesome tool), and import them back to flash and set each country as a button.


      I would like to set all of the buttons to have the same properties for example :
      All the buttons have default red color, and will have a mouse hover frame that will change the color of the button to blue.
      I DO NOT want to set each button manually, because I would like to have the choice to change the mouse hover color to a different one, and would like to avoid passing each button and changing each one's mouse hover frame.


      Is there a way I can built a template of a frame, and for each button set its mouse hover frame as the template frame I built ? And then if I make any changes to the template frame, all of my buttons would be automatically updated ?


      Thanks alot in advance, Michael