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    Premiere Elements and the registry


      Hello All,


      Just wanted to jot down my experiences, hoping it would help someone else.


      I've been using PRE8 now since shortly after it's release, and have had many stability issues.  My issues included the following...


      • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
      • Crashing while encoding (never in the same place twice)
      • Crashing while adding a transition to a couple of clips.
      • Completely crashing everything - Windows and all - it would just completely shut the PC down.
      • Low memory errors (even with 4GB of RAM)
      • Errors saying there were issues with the display drivers, and the PRE would turn off "Enable GPU Playback" in settings.


      Anyway, you get the picture.


      The journey was rather long - I ended up replacing the RAM, since that seemed to be the issue, only to have the problems surface a day or two later.  I updated all the drivers, had long lists of changes to make to my PC from Adobe support, and still no help.


      I use CCleaner and Defraggler from Piriform - great software.  I periodically do CCleaner's "Registry Check", and fix any errors that may show up.  They work well, and are great because they are FREE!!


      I decided to give PCTools Registry Mechanic a try, since I still have a valid subscription (although I had planned on letting it go when it ran out).  So, I installed the software, and it found 440 errors, when CCleaner could find none.  I repaired the errors, and now have NO MORE ISSUES!!!


      Hunt - this is for you, in case it's something you might want to do - it seems to me that you could add it to your "Clean, Lean & Mean Editing Machine - One Workflow" article.


      Now I come to the reason for writing "Cleaning the Registry is an important step to take if/when you are experiencing problems."  $39.95 per year is money well spent, especially if it saves you from having to replace hardware components.


      Happy editing all,