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    What graphics card


      I am confused!!! I am trying to choose a graphics card to make my system ideal for CS5, I have read that you give support to GeForce 285 and 470 but many manufacturers seem to have GeForce 440 460 and 480s on their lists why the similarity in names or will these cards do the same job.

      Is it a coincidence that the cards you have approved for use with your system are so expensive, is there a dept being paid back to Nvidia for help in producing the Mercury engine or am I being cynical !!

      The MSI 460 1gb Hawk seems to be a fantastic card at half the price of anything you list and out performs many of them, I know it takes time to test these products but surly we are talking days not months.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I agree that you are confused.


          I know it takes time to test these products but surly we are talking days not months.


          This is where the confusion starts. Keep in mind that while Adobe supports certified cards, they are shooting on a moving target. nVidia updates drivers, while Adobe updates the CS5 versions, so it is overly simplistic to say it can be done in days, especially if you take into consideration PR, AME and dynamic linking.


          The second confusing thing is that you have not done your homework by reading this forum, for instance on the 'hack' required to make other video cards use the same hardware MPE accelleration. If you look at the PPBM5 Benchmark and study the results page, especially the MPE Performance chart, you will see what cards do work with the hack. The 460 is the entry level card that is known to work.

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            Will24185924 Level 1

            Thanks Harm (great name) for the reply


            Whilst I consider myself quite computer literate and am quite capable of building my own system I am far from being a Geek, thank God, I am an end user of these NLE systems but I find the subject of Graphics cards a mine field I have done a fair amount of research but this nearly always refers back to adobe for their recommendations.

            My apologies to Adobe by the way as I see now that Nvidea's architecture seems to be inherent in most of these cards.

            Sorry to say that your term on the Hack goes right over my head but thank you for the Benchmark test, guess I will just wait for Adobe to release more info on cards as it will be a while before I upgrade to CS5



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The nVidia Hack

              http://forums.adobe.com/thread/629557?tstart=0 - which is a simple entry in a "supported cards" file
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                Will24185924 Level 1

                Thanks John



                Guess I need all the help I can get on this subject, also it would be stupid to buy a cheaper card that missed out on the advantages that an approved card would yield.

                Can I also apologize to everyone on the furum for my lack of knowledge on this subject as I have never had to buy a (special) Graphics card for a specific program before, as I have said above I am an end user not an expert in terminology or components of Computers, I think this may be a problem for many potential CS5 users


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Look at the right hand side when you view your original question. There is a box: More like this...


                  That gives you similar threads that may be interesting.

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                    Will24185924 Level 1

                    Yes Harm thanks  I have been doing just that and being new to this forum I

                    have found it really usefull.


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                      Bob Dix Photographer Level 2



                      Harm has the technical experience and has been a great help to me. . I recently upgraded our Workstation to Adobe Specifications for CS5 Premiere Pro and experienced a remarkable improvement in the old Premiere Pro 1.5.1 working with a 125Mb Radeon card x300 which is pretty old but stll works HDV although the transcoding visible in the monitor is somewhat slow motion However, the new Nvidia Quadro FX3800 video Card for Windows i7 maybe FX 4800 for FCP that came with the new computer i7 Quad Core leaves the old set up in it's wake., we will be updating to CS5 when their updates settle down . In the mean time it has simply revolutionised the old Premiere Pro 1.5.1 , two recent Blu-ray productions of 35 min duration using the mt2 file generated from an  Export  to Tape project, and shared via Premiere Elements to blu-ray took only 52 mins to transcode and burn at H.264 and or mpeg-2/HDV standard for high definition.



                      Good luck , it is a lot fun if it is trouble free????????????.



                      Have a look at this.................That is the Adobe Training Video on CS5 premiere Prohttp://http://tv.adobe.com/watch/short-and-suite/working-with-hdslr-footage-in-premiere-pr o-cs5/


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                        Will24185924 Level 1

                        Thanks Bob

                        Believe it or not I am still using Premiere 6.5 with a Canopus DV STORM card, (I hated the first Prem Pro) or rather I was, now that I have updated to Win 7 64 the Canopus Card, software and 6.5 are no longer recognized so its time to do something about it even though the Canopus Card cost over £900 oh well maybe I can flog it on ebay.

                        I have downloaded the trial version of CS5 and am amazed that I get fairly good results even with two layers of video I am getting fairly good play back in the monitor with play back res reduced to half, (curiously I cant reduce it further) my Graphics card id a Radeon X1600

                        Can anyone tell me this, if I edit my video then use the dynamic link to send to Encore will the end rendering in encore be improved as in CS5 with the approved Card installed.

                        (((Is anything to do with Video trouble free ))))



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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If you have Win7 PRO or Ultimate, this might allow you to run old software



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                            Will24185924 Level 1

                            Hi John

                            I do have 7 Ultimate but it wont load Prem 6.5 or recognize the storm card, I understood there was an XP mode within Win 7 but have never been able to find it.
                            Having said that I think it is time to step in to the next generation, I have had my moneys worth out of 6.5 and it has worked well for me.


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                              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              I have do not need to do such, since I dual-boot XP/Win7, but the download I linked is not the same as the built-in XP mode


                              A fix via Virtual XP http://forums.adobe.com/thread/702693?tstart=0

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                                PaulieDC Level 2

                                Will, I admit I didn't read the entire post, but just my $.02 here to answer your original question, "what card should I get": The GTX470 is a supported card, got mine for $299 after MIR at evga.com. It screams, plain and simple. So go get Pr CS5, get a mobo with an i7 950, get at least 12GB of ram, and you'll be a happy camper. And, of course, don't run everything off of one drive!