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    Using string to create object reference?

    Handycam Level 1
      How do I use a string to dynamically set an object reference?

      For example, I have a pop up window with a function to set the text of a text object in the main application:

      Application.application.t1.text = completeString;

      The "t1" is the object, of course. There are several such objects, t2, t3, etc. I'd like to make this a variable item in the popup, and pass the reference to WHICH text object (eg, "t1' or "t2") from the popup's parent.

      So, if the variable was something like "whichBox" (not sure what to type it as), then I'm looking for something like:

      Application.application. whichBox.text = completeString;

      Which I cannot get to work... what am I missing here?