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    Exporting MPEG2 in 5.02

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      As far as I remeber there has been a thread regarding this, but I could not find it...


      When I export an AVCHD timeline of 29 min. to MPEG2 DVD PAL 16:9 preset in best quality it takes me 35 min. or so on my i7 980X. If I export the same into Flash FLV it takes me 15 min.


      Does anybody know a way / setting arround this long MPEG render time?





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Have you turned on MPE?

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            UlfLaursen Level 2

            You are right Harm, I have it on.


            Should I turn it off for MPEG2?





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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              No, you should leave it on, but I was wondering what could cause those long encoding times.


              In the PPBM benchmark the MPEG2-DVD test is 156 seconds long and most i7-980X systems take around 50 seconds or less to encode that timeline, that is heavily loaded with effects and transitions and starts with AVCHD, HDV, XDCAM-EX and DV material. All 980's do that test way faster than real time, and that test was designed to make life very hard, much harder than the average time line would be. So I have difficulty understanding why - with MPE on - you have these rather slow results.


              If your time line is loaded with MBL effects, has many tracks, OK, I can understand that you may not get real time performance, but I think it should be close or even better. BTW, what was your PPBM5 score? Do you have MRQ on?

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                UlfLaursen Level 2

                Thanks for your time Harm.


                My project is DV PAL 16:9 and I have 2 short DV PAL 16:9 clips and 1 long AVCHD Clip. No effects, just one dip to black at the end of the AVCHD clip before the last DV Clip. The AVCHD clip is resized of course to fit the DV screen. There are some DV PAL 16:9 cutaways of 5 sec. each every 1 min. or so during the 30 min. duration.


                Just downloaded and ran the PPBM, here are

                the results:


                Render the PPBM5 H.264 project timeline.                            8 sec.

                Export (encode) the H.264 sequence with AME.                   88 sec.

                Export (encode) the MPEG2-DVD sequence with AME.       154 sec.

                Export (encode) the Disk Test Sequence with AME.            139 sec.

                Total =                                                                            389 sec.


                Not sure what MRQ is, sorry.


                I use this once a week, so I am very keen on getting good rendertimes. Would it help me if I could get hold of the two DV clips in 1920 x 1080 50i too and keep the project in that format in the editing and then just for export downscale it to 720 x 576 ?






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                  UlfLaursen Level 2

                  I might have found some of the answer myself just now.


                  I made a 1920 x 1080 50i AVCHD timeline with a 31 min. long clip, the same I used in my DV project, just the whole length.


                  I exported it to MPEG2 DVD and it took only 9 min. with MPE on, that's aprox 3½ times faster than realtime.


                  My conclusion is that the long rendertime on my org. project has something to do with the resizing and rescaling before export.



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                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                    Those PPBM results are pretty disappointing. There are a number of 920/930 systems that do way better than that. Did you send your results to Bill? You can also send them to me by PM. If you send us the results, both Bill and I will get back to you on where to look for improvements.

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                      UlfLaursen Level 2

                      No I did not send anything yet - have to read the  "readme" more thorougly to get the result collecting done correctly - the script file did not run, so I think I need to do it all over again and follow the instructions totally step by step.


                      I will get back to you when I have run once again from the start.


                      Thanks again, Harm - apreciate your help here on the forum very much!