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    NativeProcess capabilities

    Marcidus Level 1

      I think we can all agree that Air is unmatched when it comes to user interfaces, however i think we can also agree that it is limited in its capabilities; flash Socket only really supports the most basic operations, and IFilePromise (a dream come true granted) gives the functionality which other platforms have had for quite a long time.


      But to the point, with the introduction of NativeProcess, is it now possible to have Air communicate with Java, C, C#.NET console applications which handle the most grusomely complicated tasks, which then relays back to Air via the standard IO in formats such as strings, ints, Numbers, arrays and dates (just like AMF3)?


      For example; Air cannot change system settings, but an exe file and possibly a java file can, so can Air now with NativeProcess tell a lower level language built app to perform such a task, and relay the results back to Air which will be displayed on a UI built in flex?



      sorry if im blabbering, its just if this is right, then all my dreams have come true.