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    Hiding a tab?

    Keijo Karvonen

      I'd like to show a tab view in a dialog with different amount of tabs depending on some variable.

      However, the following code does not seem to work, it always shows two tabs (i.e. the visible -variable in the second tab_view_item is ignored).


      f:tab_view {
           f:tab_view_item {
                visible = true,
                title = "Tab 1",
                identifier = "Tab1",
                f:static_text {
                     title = "Some text to show"
           f:tab_view_item {
                visible = false,
                title = "Tab 2",
                identifier = "tab2",




      Is the syntax correct or is there any other way to make a tab with dynamically set number of tabs?


      Thank you,

      Keijo K.