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    Exporting from PE 9 for Mac to iTunes with Chapters intact


      Here is what I am trying to do. I am thinking about buying an Apple TV and what I want to do is take home movies, as well as downloaded movies, add some chapters to them and load them into iTunes and then via Apple TV watch them on my TV. Is there a way for me to load the movie into PE 9 for Mac, add the chapters, and then export the movie to ITunes or just save the movie and load it into iTunes while keeping all the chapters intact? You'd think there'd be a way to do this but I am having trouble finding out how...anyone?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Not really. Chapters are a function of the program's DVD and BluRay authoring system and won't work on plain old video clips. (You can also create

          a WebDVD -- a web site that functions like a DVD -- but that won't help you here either.)


          The best setting for outputting to iTunes is Share/Portable Devices/iPod or iPhone.


          However, as I've said, you won't get chapters doing this. This format of output video just doesn't work like that.