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    Very low on memory


      I have a 3 Mhz AMD processor, 500GB hard drive with 400GB free, Windows XP Pro SP3, 4 GB RAM.  The application is PRE9.


      I've searched the forum and read the "solution" to this problem but am afraid to apply it because I have other memory-hog applications.  Here are my questions:


      If 2 GB of virtual memory are applied to the application, what causes it to reapply the 2GB?  Is it closing, then restarting the application?  Is it restarting the system?


      If it's either of the two above, they are not working for me.  I got the "very low memory; save your project" message for the first time the other day.  Now I get it every time I open the application and start to work on a project.  Even after a reboot.  I open a project, and after the first edit, it gives me the message.


      In other words, PRE9 is now unuseable.  The projects are not large.  The .avi clip I'm trying to work on right now is 1.5 MB and all I want to do is Auto Adjust Color.  The color correction applies, I click play to see it in the Monitor workspace, and the message pops up.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  I used the trial version for a couple of days without downloading all the 4.3 GB of Content.  After purchasing the software, I did install the additional Content.  After that is when I got the message for the first time.  Could the additional content be the culprit?  I'll probably never use it because the edits I do are very simple color correction, audio adjustment, and deletion of unwanted frames?    Can you uninstall just the Content?


      Could it have anything to do with Adobe CS5 Bridge running in the background?  That was a problem with installation.  However, doesn't seem to help now.  But if that is the problem, how can I turn Bridge off from running in the background so I don't have to remember to exit it every time I reboot?


      I use these small video clips interspersed with still pictures in a slideshow created with different software.  I won't ever be making large movies with menus, animation, and most of the neat features of PRE9.


      I'll much appreciate any help.



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          nealeh Level 5

          I assume there is no obvious entry in Options to turn off autostart. If this is so download and install the excellent Startup Control Panel from Mike Lin (I suggest the .exe version). When you run it you will see various tabs, each containing entries of programs that automatically run at start up. Find Adobe Bridge and deselect the check box. Restart and Bridge should no longer autostart.


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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Only 1 hard drive is not optimum for video editing... you need at least 2


            Read Harm on drive setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972?tstart=0
            - click the embedded picture in Harm's message to enlarge to reading size
            - you need AT LEAST 2 drives for video editing, 3 is better
            - some HD formats work better with (require) RAID

            Read Hunt on Partitions http://forums.adobe.com/thread/650708?tstart=0

            A link with many ideas about computer setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/436215?tstart=0

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              PJP66 Level 1

              I do actually have 2 hard drives.  The second is 200 GB.  But PRE9 is installed on the 500GB drive.



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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                So... do you have your video files and projects on the 2nd hard drive?


                How much space is available on the 2nd drive?

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                  PJP66 Level 1

                  No, my projects and video are on the 500 GB drive with 400 GB free.


                  I just went back into the 1.5 MB project, did nothing to it, just tried to play it.  That's when I get the message.  I now realize that is when I always get the message -- when I try to play.


                  I also decided to ignore the message and see what would happen. The color correction that I applied before only lasted for a few frames instead of for the entire clip.  Additionally, the audio is now messed up.


                  I was having none of these problems before I applied the 4.3 GB Content.  Could that be the problem?



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                    I think the issue is partially with the still photos.  PrE doesn't handle large photos very well.  I have a Vista system with 8GB memory and will get the same message even though I should have at 3 GB memory allocated to the 32 bit application.  I even get this message when producing a clip that is less than 10 minutes long.


                    The number of hard drives won't make a difference for memory issues like what you are seeing.  The available capacity on the drive does make a difference.  Spreading cache/project/media files over different hard drives will improve performance -- but I don't think you are running into this.


                    Eliminating extra processes and services will also help reduce amount of swapping and improve performance.  It may also free up some RAM for PrE depending on how the system virtual memory settings are configured.  You may want to peek at the Windows Task Manager processes tab.  Enable the memory usage column (through the View/Select columns...).  Then sort the process list by Mem Usage by clicking on the top of the column.  Also, look at the Performance tab.  Look the PF (Page File) Usage bar.  If you are above 4 GB you are swapping.

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                      PJP66 Level 1

                      I have no still photos in this project.  This is strictly an .avi video clip.  Once I've finished editing the video clip and saved it to the computer is when I use it to create a slideshow using another software program.



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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        >projects and video are on the 500 GB drive with 400 GB free


                        Not optimum... a hard drive has one set of read/write heads, and you are forcing delays since that one set of heads is now trying to read program segments, work with the Windows swap file... AND try and read/write your video and project files


                        With 2 drives, you should have only Windows and software on your boot drive, and project and video files on your 2nd drive so that different set of read/write heads is doing video file reads and writes


                        I use PPro CS5, and have my 3 hard drives configured...

                        1 - 320G Win7 and all programs
                        2 - 320G Win7 swap file and PPro projects
                        3 - 1Terabyte all video files... input and output

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          What is the source of this AVI clip?


                          If it's from anything other than a tape-based miniDV camcorder, the non-standard codec could be triggering your problem.

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                            PJP66 Level 1

                            The source of the .avi clip is a Nikon D300s camera.  I was having no problems editing such clips during the

                            trial version.


                            Additionally, the problem is happening with .mp4 clips, whose source is a FLIP.  Again, I was having no problems with them during the trial.


                            Should I just uninstall and reinstall the basic program without the content and see if that fixes everything?



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              The Nikon camera is likely using an MJPEG codec -- which may or may not work in version 9, depending on the codec set you have installed on your system. In your case, it apparently will not, without a conversation, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.



                              But Flip video should certainly work, assuming that, when you start your new project, you're selecting the project preset for Flip standard def or hi-def video (whichever is appropriate). If you have the proper setting selected, when you place your video on the timeline there should NOT be a red line above your clips until you add an effect or transition to them.



                              I just checked your specs, and you may be underpowered for working with anything but basic miniDV video. If your Flip video is hi-def, you may not be able to work with it without a lot of fits and starts.


                              But you should definitely convert your MJPEG-AVIs to DV-AVIs. It will become standard def video -- but at least you'll be able to work with it to some extent on your marginal machine.

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                                PJP66 Level 1

                                I don't understand.  If both these codecs -- the .avi and the .mp4 -- worked during the trial version,

                                why won't it work now?  What's different?  Other than the fact that I installed 4.3 GB of content?



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                                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                  I'm not sure.


                                  Is it possible you were using smaller or shorter video clips on the trial?


                                  It could be that, now that you're actually doing real video editing,  you're finding how that the program isn't able to handle the files on yoru system.


                                  Or I could be completely wrong -- in which case I haven't a clue.

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                                    PJP66 Level 1

                                    The videos I'm using now are no bigger than the ones I was using then.  There's absolutely nothing different except that

                                    I actually paid for a program that now does not work and that I loaded 4.3

                                    GB of additional programming.



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                                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                      Assuming you've given your system a good defragging, I've no idea what's going on. There is no reason the purchased program should perform differently than the trial.


                                      Unless uninstalling the trial and then installing the purchased version left your hard drive badly fragmented. (You did do this, right? You didn't just activate the trial by loading in the serial number.)


                                      But, since you own the product, you can certainly contact Adobe Tech Support and see if they can work you through some troubleshooting.

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                                        I also have this problem with version 8 running windows 7. I use a dual 2.77 zeon processors with a raid zero config on two SCSI 15k 40 gig hard drives. I nowhere even get near any limit of processor, ram (4 gig 34 bit) or hard drive space. I close all the unessary services down to about 43. I don't even have to open a project just the program and I still get the memory message, then it just quits. At that point I am only using 1.2 gig of ram, 30 gig of Raid zero hard drive space left and 1.2% of processor use. Yes i did all the Nvidia and windows upgrades and the patch. I did it twice just to make sure it took.I use O&O to defrag disk off line. Sometimes the program perm 7 just shuts down without a warning.The puter still running just fine.


                                        I believe I looked everwhere in my setup and stats to no avail for a "low memary" problem.


                                        Thanks in advance...

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                                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                          It might be a good idea for you to start your own thread, Falcon, rather than tagging on way at the bottom of this one.


                                          That way you can draw more attention to your question and, if we need to ask questions, we can carry on a discussion without confusing your discussion with the original poster's.


                                          Be sure to also mention in your new thread what kind of camcorder your video is coming from and which settings you used when you created your Premiere Elements project.

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            It could well be that you had a good MJPEG CODEC, but that it has been either removed, or has become corrupted. This ARTICLE will give you a bit more background on MJPEG.


                                            This ARTICLE will give you more background on CODEC's in general.


                                            Good luck,



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                                              PJP66 Level 1

                                              Thanks for the information, Bill.  I ended up downloading GSpot to check out my CODECs but that does not appear to be the problem.  Says they are installed on my system.


                                              The uninstall/reinstall has gotten me back to being able to do some work.  As long as all I do is delete frames or adjust audio, I seem to be OK.  Expensive program for only that capability but it's mostly what I use.



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                                                nealeh Level 5

                                                Steve Grisetti wrote:


                                                You didn't just activate the trial by loading in the serial number.

                                                Why is that a bad thing Steve?


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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                  Good question.


                                                  I thought that PrE (later versions), allowed one to "activate" the trial to the full-paid version, by the addition of the S/N, but maybe I am misinformed?


                                                  PrPro just added that capability, as of CS5. In previous versions, one had to uninstall the trial, then use Adobe Cleanscript to get things ready for a complete installation of the full-paid version. Lot of work before CS5.