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    zoom tool needed for project

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      I'm completing a project for a technology class that I'm taking (I'm a teacher) and I've hit a roadblock. In Flash CS5 (I'm a beginner so you've been warned) I would like to be able to zoom into the period at the end of the word 'small.' and proceed to add additional text that describes how small atoms are. In this case, 75 trillion carbon atoms one layer thick would fit inside that period. I then want to be able to zoom back out to the nucleus and proceed from there. The only tools I've run across are those that magnify the flash object on the webpage on mouse over which is what I don't want. Is this even posiible to do with Flash? Here's the link to the beginning swf where you can see what I'm trying to do.




      Any help greatly appreciated!


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you make that whole scene a movieclip you can get the zooming in effect by tweening the movieclip's scale.  That's assuming you want the whole thing to appear to zoom and not just the end of that sentence.


          You can do this either by a timeline tween or using actionscript, though if you are just beginning to learn Flash, the timeline would be the best way to get your feet wet.  Try Googling "Flash timeline tween tutorial" and you should be able to find something useful.  Since you are using CS5, there are esssentially two types of timeline tweens in that version, classic ones and newer ones... my biased opinion... go classic... I think they will be easier to manage for you and chances are you'll find more tutorials for them anyways since they've been around since the earliest days of Flash.  But if you did the current animation yourself using tweens, then whatever approach you know should be fine.