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    Correct a jpg using Macbeth color chart?




      I shot some photos in jpg (it was all I had at the time) but I was able to include a Macbeth color chart. I'm looking to achieve accurate color, but beyond white-balancing I'm not sure how I can utilize the color information. I tried saving the jpg as a dng and creating a profile for it, but I was unable to then apply the profile because my only choice in ACR was "Embedded."


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          The profiles built by DNG Profile Editor will only work for raw images, not JPEG.


          You can try using the sliders in the Camera Calibration pane or the HSL adjustment sliders to adjust the colors till you get a better visual match.
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            if your trying to get a color profile from your jpeg files, here's some thing you can try. if you have lightroom import the .jpeg files in there, select the photo you want and right mouse>edit in>open as smart object in photoshop. once the file is imported into photoshop double click the .jpeg smart object layer. the layer will open up in the RAW editor.

            you can open the Macbeth color chart in there and get a profile setting and save it. then apply the settings to the other photos.


            i know that i could have done it in lightroom but i'm still not very comfortable with the interface, i just use it to organinze and select photos. i've been editing RAW for longer than i've had lightroom so i'm more familiar with fixing it in photoshop.


            not sure if this helps but it was a wonderful discovery for me when i wanted to fix some jpegs using raw mode.

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              John922 Level 1

              Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately I'm still not able to apply the profile I

              made-- ACR insists on giving me only one choice of "embedded."


              I appreciate the thought, though.

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                jportx Level 1

                i'm sorry,


                you have to use it in conjunction with ACRcalibrator http://fors.net/chromoholics/.


                sample your macbeth color chart, run the script, you should get a bunch of settings that you can input into ACR... color temp, tint, exposure, brightness, shadow, Hue, Saturation, etc. unfortunately this will have to be done manually. you can then save it as a preset.


                there might be some tweaking you have to do based on each photo you work on. but it provides a starting point for matching your photos.