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    Processors vs Encoding Performance

    emin3m33 Level 1

      Guys based on experience, which is the fastest processor that will encode footage MUCH quicker? I have Premiere CS5 and a intel quad core 2.83ghz along with lots of goodies. Now my problem is that I always get VERY slow encode times with Premiere. I rarely get fast times, only if i export without changing field order, scan modes, hd footage. Most of the time I shoot in hd and export it to mpeg2dvd. That conversion from hd to sd takes a lot of encoding time (days with no breaks). And my processor is supposedly pretty fast. Is this just CS5 that requires huge processing performance for faster encoding times? Is the intel extreme i7 pretty fast? Any processors that would maybe encode a 1 hour hd footage in a few hours instead of all night?