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    Can you get a button to do this?

    adiabatic Level 1


      I have completed a 780 page chemistry text which resides as a 46 MB pdf file on a DVD alongside a 4GB projector that has interactive experiments and explorations that I have created which are integral to the text. This could be available to students at a fraction of what current textbooks cost but the publisher is concerned that they lose control of distribution of the textbook since the pdf file can be copied. 


      So is the following possible?  The pdf file is not separate but resides as a protected cast member in the projector which can be accessed when a screen button, labeled text, is clicked on.  But if the projector file is copied can the text button be made not to work?


      Or is a copyright box warning, in response to that button click, the only realistic alternative?


      Fred Tabbutt

      a curious 78 year old retired faculty


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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          What you may be able to do is create a password protected PDF that is unlocked by the Director EXE.As to protecting it from being copied, you could have some sort of install serial type protection. Do you want the file only to run from the CD and if a copy is made of the CD, it won't work on other compuers?



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            adiabatic Level 1

            Dean, thanks for your response.


            I will to look into EXE.  That could help.  I don't mind if the projector is copied, the publisher wants to block access to the 48 MB text pdf file if it is copied from the DVD.

            You have given me some ideas which I will pursue.


            I really appreciate it.  No on else seemed to want to tackle the problem.