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    PRE9 ? What is max Quality to Burn DVD from 1080i Source????


      Dont know if I worded the question properly.


      I just bought a Sony HDR-CX350v.  It is state of the art HD.  I am wondering...?  When I look at the quality of my recordings, its awesome.  I import to PSE9 and burn to DVD and the quality is significantly less than straight to the camera.  So it is recording via AVCHD...and then to PSE9 and then is it being compressed again to play on DVD?  I checked all the settings and it doesnt seem to allow to burn at the same quality as I import from camera.  Im sorry if this sounds extremely confusing or like I dont know all the variables...I dont.  Hopefully I have articulated my situation enough and someone can figure out for me what I am asking.  Thanks.