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    Session variables expiring

    mohadi Level 1
      I have an application with session variables set up as in the code below.
      It appears that I am losing my session variables (very intermittent) since I am getting kicked back to the login page.
      I have noticed that it happens more often when using form buttons to navigate rather than regular links. Such as:

      <a href="mypage.cfm">My Page</a>: works fine

      <input type="button" name="Menu" value="Admin Menu" onclick="MM_goToURL('parent','MyPage.cfm');return document.MM_returnValue">: does not work some of the time

      Does anyone have any ideas why this should happen especially since I have other application with similar set up working fine?

      P.S. My client want to keep the look (buttons) as they are and does not want to change them to HTML links. This happnes on CFMX6.1 and CFMX7.0
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          Michael Level 1
          It doesn't matter if a page is requested using a link or form. It is merely the request that restarts the session timer.

          Make sure you don't have multiple Application.cfc/.cfm pages in subdirectories that may have different session timeout values.

          Also, check for any code that may be removing cfid/cftoken/jsessionid cookies, thereby, killing the session.