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    Apply owner password using adobe reader




      I have a document that is encrypted using owner password. the user pasword is null/Empy. Hence when the document is opened, adobe reader doesn't asks for the password. Now, how can i apply the password so that I can disable the restrictions ( the document is restricted for printing. I need to apply the password and print the document).


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          vsh07 Level 2

          You cannot remove the security restrictions using Reader. You will need Adobe Acrobat for changing the security settings. So if document creator has restricted the printing of the document then you cannot print it. If you have Acrobat, then you can allow the printing of this particular document, but for changing this setting you will need the "Change Permission Password".

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            PravinJoe Level 1



            Thanks for the quick reply.


            I have the owner passwod actually. What I mean is, If I apply both owner password and user password with the restriction to print the document, I can print the document by opening the document using owner password. But, if the user password is null, we can no longer open the document in owner mode. I wonder if there is any solution for this.