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    AE CS4 - 9.0.3 - GUI refresh glitches with drag & drop - Win 7 x64




      After installing AE 9.0.3 on Win 7 x64, I'm running into GUI glitches when drag and dropping items in the GUI that isn't correctly refreshed. For instance, when I reorder effects in the Effects Control Pannel or when I drag & drop a Preset onto the teamline. The GUI is not cleanly refreshed, thus leaving upleasant "trails" that show the motion I did. When I release the mouse button, some pannels get a full refresh (such as Effects Controls and Timelines pannels), whereas Effects & Presets remains full of garbage.

      This never showed up before. Other applications, such as Premiere CS4 don't show up this problem.


      Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT, latest driver 258.96


      Thank you for the support,


      Jean-Sébastien Monzani