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    Problems on using remote source for Image component

    Frisco HoHo

      The problem is that under debug mode on FlexBuilder 3 when i am trying to load remote source to a image component,

      I find that the image component automatically append the parameter "debug=true" to the url source of the image component


      <mx:Image id = "logo" source"http://abc.com:getLogo?accountId=59"/>


      I catch the http request on server side and find that the reuqest string become "http://abc.com:getLogo?accountId=59&debug=true"

      Since my server side will check the parameter of the http request, this make my handle cannot handle the request correctly.


      When I use UrlLoader, i can see that there is no problem and my handle on server side handle the request without the existing for the parameter



      var loader:URLLoader=new URLLoader();


      loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCompleteLoad);

      loader.load(new URLRequest('http://abc.com:getLogo?accountId=59'));



      I know that when I am using the debug mode, flex builder try to concat the "debug=true" parameter for the url in browser

      Does any body know how to avoid the image component on try to add the "debug=true" parameter?

      or is that any setting should being configure?