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    This SHOULD be simple - swapping out assets

    Toonces the Cat Level 1

      Hi all. I'm a professional designer but a relative newcomer to Flash. I'm trying to do something that on the surface would seem to be a super simple task but it's not anywhere in the manual I can find, and for the life of me it's just frustrating me....


      I am making a button bar with some complex animations for each button. I created the first button, and got all the actionscript right, got the animations just the way I wanted. Then I thought I could save time and keep it consistent by taking my button1 symbol and going into the library and creating a clone, then changing the bitmaps it uses to make a new button "button2" with the new graphics, yet retaining all of the animation and AS so I didn't have to re do it for 10 buttons. This is where I'm falling down. If I go into button2 and select for example the bitmap that is the normal state for the button, and right click and select "swap bitmap", it works, but only for the frame or tween I'm on at the time. So the first keyframe shows the new graphic and the other keyframes remain unswapped.  I just want to go into the "button2" symbol and replace the 4 graphics I have with the alternate images and retain all the animation. This seems like it has to be easy and I'm just missing something. I'm essentially looking to do like in After Effects where you can pre compose and then replace the image that becomes the source for the animation.


      also tried copying the frames and applying them to a new layer with the new graphic but that didn't work either.

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          carl schooff Level 3

          if your bitmap image is in a movie clip or graphic, swapping out the bitmap in once instance of that movie clip or graphic will update all instances of that symbol.


          if you have a button that contains a bitmap in keyframes in up / over / down changing the bitmap in the up state will not effect instances of that bitmap in the subsequent keyframes.


          is the bitmap changing in the over and down frames? if not, you do not need keyframes for those states, and then changing the content in the up frame will affect the subsequent frames.