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    Mask Reusing


      Hello everyone!
      I trying to reuse mask in AE (CS3) without copying them. I mean the following:

      I have several videos to be masked by the very same mask. I would like to avoid having a "mask layer" for each video (there are like 200 videoclips).

      It would be perfect if the same layer could be used several times.

      I'm projecting the video result on a wall and I'm using these mask to cut the clip in such a way it fits a shap on the wall. Each installation the wall is different, so even it is ok to re-render the video each time the installation change its place, have to re-shape 200mask layers is too time consuming! If I could re-use them, only re-shaping one would be enough

      I have look thruogh the threads but found no one that could help me



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If I were faced with what you describe, I'd probably use a precomposition as a track matte. I could then reuse that same precomposition hundreds of times and change all of the instances by making a change within the single nested composition.

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            Buqpa Level 1

            Uhmmm sounds cool. Let's see if I got it right:

            I make in a different (pre)composition a mask with all the mini-mask I want to use. Then if I need to change something, I can do it in the pre-composition only once. Is this OK?

            This will help but does not avoid copying the precomposed mask as many times as clips I have, does it? Even this is is great advance, it would be better if I only had to have one mask for all the videos

            Thanks a lot indeed!

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              It seems that you understand. If you're not clear on how track mattes work, be sure to read the page that I pointed to in my previous post.