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    Need help choosing the right Robohelp tool for the right reasons


      Hello everyone,


      I am an educational consultant who is hired to develop an online help system for a piece of (web)software.

      I have never developed online help (I did however use Captivate extensively for e-learning purposes).

      I have very little IT background and all info I find is very hard for me to understand, so I hope placing my problem here will clarify some things.


      The requirements for the online help tool:

      - Usable in web environment

      - Easy to translate in a later stage

      - Multiple users should be able to work on the Help file, preferrably simultaniously

      - Easy merging of Help files, as customers will keep developing the help on their own while we also develop new topics. Check for redundant/changed topics etc.


      My main question is: Do I need Robohelp 8 or Robohelp Server? It is my understanding that Robohelp Server allows multiple people to work in one help project by checking topics in/out. Does Robohelp Server include all features of Robohelp 8? Is one copy of RH Server enough to let, say, 4 people on different pc's work on the help file?


      Other question: Are all of the requirements realistic with Robohelp? Is merging of different versions of the help project easy? Is exporting all text from the help to a document which a translator can work with, and then importing it again easy?


      Thanks a million if anyone can help me!!


      Kinds regards,


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Peter and welcome to the RH forums.


          Let me answer your first question by stating what is part of each Robohelp licence. It is in fact more than just RoboHelp but a suite of products called RoboHelp Office that includes RoboHelp HTML. This allows you to create web based output as well as others, for example a Word or PDF file. RoboHelp Office also includes an application called RoboSourceControl which allows multiple users to work alongside each other by checking topics in and out. So RoboHelp can do exactly what you require. Robohelp Server is a completely difference beast with a very different purpose but this is not what you want. You can read more about this here and here.


          As for licences, you'll need a RoboHelp licence for each user. I am not an expert in translation but there are others on these forums that are. The general premise seems to be send the translator the project files and they send them back. You'd just need to unsure the translated files are used when creating the output.




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            Noctiis Level 1

            Thank you for your explanation, it clears up a lot of issues I've been having with the research!


            However, I can not seem to locate the aformentioned Robohelp Office on the Adobe pages anywhere, is it just an unofficial name for Robohelp 8 (meaning that when buying a copy of Robohelp 8, it includes the HTML version and RoboSourceControl)?


            Kind regards,