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    Slow timeline scrolling in pre9




      I've just installed a copy of pre9 on my new laptop. After updating to the latest Nvidia drivers (260.63 beta) the program runs ok, but I am finding that the timeline is very slow to scroll or resize. I haven't even added any video to the timeline yet, which makes me wonder whether something is wrong with the graphics drivers. Or is it always like that?

      Changing the display resolution appears to have no effect.


      I have an i7-720M with a Nvidia Gefore GT 330M and 8Gb RAM (Sony Vaio F series).



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You don't say what operating system you're running or, if it's Windows 7, whether it's the 32-bit or 64-bit version. But that can make a difference. Particularly on a VAIO, with whose operating system Sony has a nasty habit of modifying.


          So first thing to do is to go to the Sony site, look up your computer's model and download the latest updates from there rather than from the Windows Update site. Note that even on a brand new computer, your drivers and other firmware can be months out of date.


          Also ensure you have the lateste version of Quicktime from Apple.com.


          Then give your system a good defrag. With a freshly configured system, your hard drive is probably a mess.


          Finally, once you've done all that, go to Premiere Elements Edit/Preferences and set the Timeline Scrolling to Page Scroll rather than Smooth Scrolling. You'll find that this makes the whole program perform much more efficiently.

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            windObsessed Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            I'll give your suggestions a go.


            If it's any help, I'm running Windows 7 x64.


            I don't think Apple Quicktime is installed at all, but I would have thought that it would only effect video output rather than the rendering of the interface controls and menus (presumably rendered using Direct X or possible openGL). I will however install the latest Quicktime.


            As a side note, I also have photoshop elements 9 which runs very well.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Quicktime actually plays an important role in all PC-based video editing. It's very important to have it installed and updated, Chris.

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                Tony One Thousand

                I'm still trialling PE 9 (upgrading from PE3) and have the same issue with slow timeline scrolling and filling. PE 9 is taking up to 5 seconds to fully render and fill the timeline for a typical video (one video/audio track). PE 3 was worse (over 10-15 seconds sometimes to render) but still it feels slow and clumsy for scrolling and zooming the timeline. The Timeline Playback Auto-Scrolling is set to Page Scroll (seemed to default to that when installed). My system is 32-bit Vista Home Ed, hardware is an Intel Core2 6300 1.86 GHz 2GB RAM, 256 GB SATA HDD (over 100 GB free). Have installed Quicktime v.7.6.8. Any other thoughts? Get a faster system? Go and get a Mac with Final Cut Pro ($$$)?

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  It depends on your source files.


                  Your system is at the lower end of the "real world" minimum hardware requirements, and is not nearly fast enough to edit AVCHD video.

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                    windObsessed Level 1

                    I've upgraded to the latest quicktime and Nvidia drivers, but unfortunately still have the same problem with the timeline.


                    I'm not sure what else to do. Maybe it's the harddisk speed that's the issue. I've cleaned up the drive and defragged it, but that hasn't fixed it either.


                    Scrolling the timeline appears to load the CPU heavily too; so I suspect that the GUI is rendered by the CPU with the graphics card being used solely to render the video. Thus you get no hardware graphics acceleration for the GUI.


                    I think I may well just have to live with it. Or like you say go to an Apple Mac (which I decided was too expensive to justify when PC tech is so much cheaper)


                    Interestingly I used to run PRE7 on Athlon x64 and didn't have this problem.

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                      Tony One Thousand Level 1

                      I'm editting regular SD AVI files (720x480), not HD, and they are "native" as far as I know (they were captured using PE 3 from a Canon camcorder). Just to be more specific, it's the video timeline fill function that seems slow to fill with mini-frames or whatever you call them. The audio waveform timeline seems fine, it fills immediately after scrolling or zooming.


                      I've searched this forum and tried a few suggestions from other threads (for example, http://forums.adobe.com/message/2273196#2273196) including turning off other so-called CPU hogs like Vista Sidebar. I've also tried temporarily disabling real-time virus checking as I think I'm unlikely to pick up a "bug" while editing .  However these things don't appear to have much effect. I agree with the comments, it seems PE is CPU-bound doing this.


                      While I do find this slow fill annoying I would add that it doesn't completely stop my work flow. I can still start and stop the monitor window, or double-click on a clip to bring it up for editing. I've really tried beating on PE 9, scrolling back and forth, moving the edit pointer multiple times, and it generally seems robust to all this. I only expected Adobe would have made some better improvements on this from PE 3, and somewhat disapppointed on that issue.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        The writing of the thumbnails is almost all GPU related, with some I/O, i.e. HDD activity.


                        In the Video Track Header, there is a toggle for the type of thumbnail display. This should be "All," "None," "First" and "First and Last." [That is the lineup in PrPro, and I think that it's the same in PrE 7 and above.]


                        I'd try with "First," or "First and Last," and see if things speed up for you.


                        As you would normally use the Program Monitor to do the actual Cuts, there is really no need to display "All." Most editors will even turn that display to "None," when doing editing, and only the Clip name will display.


                        Good luck,



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                          nealeh Level 5

                          Hmmm. I've installed 260.89 WHQL today. I see what you mean about the slow scrolling, but I've not been using the trial long enough to remember what it was like before! PRE7 works fine with the new drivers.


                          Cynic that I am I wonder if Adobe are aware of the problem - because the default view changed from "All" (in PRE7) to "First & Last" in PRE9 ?


                          I'll revert back to the previous WHQL drivers later today and post back on what I find.


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                            nealeh Level 5

                            Certainly seems to be a confirmed PRE9 problem. I've tried with nvidia 197.13, 257.21, and 260.89 and all exhibit the same dreadfully slow timeline scrolling. With all those drivers PRE7 was fine and timeline frames were displayed virtually instantaneous - even zoomed in to single-frame. The cynic in me feels even more strongly that Adobe are aware of the problem - hence the changed default view.


                            I see this as a real problem for me and hope a further rendering patch is issued.


                            Incidentally Chris, are you using the trial or a full copy of PRE9?



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                              Tony One Thousand Level 1

                              Found the thumbnail style selector in PE 9, it's the small filmstrip icon in the video header on the left . Hover over it and it says Set Video Track Display Style. Click once to cycle through the choices of none, one frame or all frames. Setting None or One frame certainly helps, but it's still nice to be able to see all the thumbnails. But I'm still wondering about the GPU / CPU loading thing. Just recently replaced my GPU with an NVIDIA GeForce 210 with 258.96 driver. Performance-wise, it's near the low end of the scale but is fine for most of my work.

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                                windObsessed Level 1

                                I'm using the full version.


                                I've also used the Set Video Track Display Style feature, but this doesn't make a huge amount of difference to the scrolling speed. My timeline scrolls slowy even when there are no videos/aduio in any of the tracks.

                                At the moment it's usable, just a bit annoying that despite having a fast machine it's still slow to scroll.

                                Hopefully Adobe will have a patch for it soon.



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                                  Tony One Thousand Level 1

                                  Weeeell...  my PE9 trial period has expired. Verdict?  It fails. I tried all the suggestions posted on this thread and others in this forum - thanks everyone - I learned a couple things but nothing really improved the timeline response. This poor performance is a major negative. I'm sticking with PE 3 until Adobe produces another version with marked improvement.

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                                    nealeh Level 5

                                    I'll want the updated PSE9 so I'll probably end up buying it as the difference between the PRE9/PSE9 bundle and PSE9 alone is not that great. But I think I will only use it for certain specific features and mostly stick with v7.


                                    From the timeline scroll display slowness, and the loss of GPU Effects and Transitions, I'm convinced that the PRE9 problem is a failure to properly identify the graphics card capabilities. My 8800GT works perfectly with PRE7 - timeline drawing is complete in the blink of an eye and all GPU effects and transitions work very nicely.


                                    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children