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    Tree Component like Bridge Keywords panel

    Harbs. Level 6

      I'm looking to use a non-standard component in a UI I'm building, and I'm looking for input/ideas.


      If you are familiar with Bridge, there is a panel in the app called "Keywords". I'm looking to create a tree which looks like that.


      I have not found a pre-made component which matches that look.


      I can use a tree with an ItemRenderer to create the checkboxes pretty easily, so that part of it is not a big deal. The only issue which concerns me there, is having the checked state of children bubble up to affect their ancestors. (I'd like to use a tri-state checkbox to indicate partial selections...)


      I'm more concerned by properly styling the nodes as opposed to the leaves. (I'd like the nodes to be distinct when compared to the leaves - like in the Keywords panel. I tried using the alternatingItemColors property, but that's pretty much a dead-end because it doesn't differentiate between leaves and nodes.


      Any ideas other than doing a major rewrite of Tree?