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    Possible? Set a child property from remote class

    EricJ32 Level 1



      I have a .NET class which has a decimal property, Value:


      public class MyClass


           public string name { get; set; }

           public decimal amount { get; set; }



      Then, in Flex, a class which maps to this using [RemoteClass]:



      public class MyFlexClass


           public var name:String;

           public var amount:ExtendedNumber = new ExtendedNumber("Value of object");




      The class ExtendedNumber has all sorts of other methods, such as determining output formatting, allowing pending/live values to be held etc etc. Here is a simplified version:


      public class ExtendedNumber


           public var value:Object;

           public var label:String;


           public function ExtendedNumber(label:String, value:Object=null)


                this.label = label;

                this.value = value;




      Now, obviously when I get data from my .NET class, the amount property of MyFlexClass is null, because it can't convert between a decimal and an ExtendedNumber. Is it possible to convert between one datatype and another during the injection? Or set the child "value" property directly, so I can set the label etc in the constructor?


      Thanks for any input.