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    Unable to play from a URL

    M.S.H Level 1

      Hi all,

      I am trying to play a station (http://kpcclive1.publicradio.org:80/) on a button click. This works when I execute directly from the flash tool using Ctrl+ENTER option. This also works when I run the corresponding .swf file in browser plugin. However it is not working after building .air file (air 2) and install it. Does this has anything to do with digital signing of .air file? Or do I missing anything? Please help. This is just a proof of concept attempt.

      Here is code (AS3):


      var STREAM_URL:String = "http://kpcclive1.publicradio.org:80/";


      var streamSound:Sound = new Sound();
      var streamUrl:URLRequest = new URLRequest(STREAM_URL);
      var streamContext:SoundLoaderContext = new SoundLoaderContext(6000, true);
      function playStation(ev:MouseEvent) {
          streamSound.load(streamUrl, streamContext);


      play_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playStation);


      Thanks and Regards,