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    Any suggestions on publishing in Flash Catalyst?


      When I select:  FILE:PUBLISH TO SWF/AIR...


      The "Publish to SWF" Box does come up;


      However, the "Browse" button does not access any type of file view on my system / nor am I able to manually enter the output directory into the field.


      I have had success working in Flash Catalyst and publishing on prior occassions (from this machine).  I am now not able to publish - even after 3 reboots. [Note:  I can successfully run the project locally (after pressing CTRL + ENTER)]


      (1) Am I doing something wrong or missing something basic?

      (2) Could this be a local OS system error? (I am using Microsoft Vista... Yeah yeah I know.. my Mac only has CS3 and we chose to go with CS5 Windows)?

      (3) Is this an Adobe FC error in which I need to reload the software?


      Thanks in advance for your time,


      Bill Summers