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    FLV support on...

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      For the past few years, I've been using FLV format with the skin overlapped for controls on movie clips. And then, embedding these on a web page.

      So...I do not know for certain if the FLV format plays on an iPad or iPhone? I'm guessing not, but please confirm for me.


      If the case is that it does not display on the Apple products mentioned above, what would be the new format to resort to when depicting movie files on a website? Also, how would one 'embed' the content on a webpage. Again, so that it can be played by both Mac and PC users?


      Someone recently mentioned QuickTime H264 Format...but I am hearing that it does not stream the movie over the website; you have to actually download to your desktop (or whatever) if you are going to view on an iPad? - if you could let me know what else I need to know...


      Thank you!