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    Replace "Show" Link on individual topics


      Hi there,


      My question is in reference to the "Show"link that populates at the top of an individually linked topic using WebHelp. I would like to change this to say "Show Full Table of Contents".

      show link.jpg

      Here are a couple things I have tried:

      • I opened the generated topics individually in DreamWeaver to directly alter the code (which didn't work), because I see that it is pulling the conditional "Show" from a script. I can't seem to find exactly where this "Show" link comes from.
      • Then I thought I could just add in new code, which just populated as a duplicate with breadcrumbs above the "Show" link.
      • I unchecked the Show Navigation in Topic box in the generate WebHelp dialog. I thought I could turn it off, and add in my own snippet "Home"button to return to the Full Table of Contents - but then if someone has the full RoboHelp open with the navigation TOC on the left, it might look funny to keep have a link to show the full TOC when it is already populated. Plus it's a lot of manual work considering I have many topics.
      • I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the platform I'm uploading it to - Sharepoint 2007?


      If any one has any ideas on this or could possibly point me in the right direction, I would be so grateful!

      Thank you so much!