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    Find and Replace not updating HTML Code



      I have been using the Robohelp 8 “Find and Replace in Files” tool and have run across a weird issue.




      I am currently adding Alt and Title tags to all the images in all of the help files. For the images where I have multiple uses throughout multiple files, I attempted to do a find for the image name and then a replace with the image name including the alt and title tag information.



      For example I search for:



      And replace that with

      scr=”image.gif” alt=”image desc” title=”image title”


      After I do the find and replace, for some reason the files are not updated, but if I search for the same text, the files will be updated within the search window.

      See images below for the examples:


      Find and Replace Code:

      Help File Code:




      Sometimes if I have the files open, the code will update, but most of the time the Help file html code wont update at all.


      Is there any information concerning this issue, or if this is a known issue are there any work arounds. I have tried searching but unable to find anything on this specific issue.