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    3D painting feature request (or education needed, one or the other)

    harry teasley Level 1

      I'd like better masking for painting on a 3D model. Right now, there's a normal-to-camera selection you can do, and you can use the standard selection tools to mask off areas, but I would liketo be able to mask areas according to UVs. Often I want to do something to one UV patch on my model, and not have it bleed onto another UV patch: for instance, painting a pattern onto clothes that I do not want to bleed onto the skin texture on the adjacent polygon, where the clothes and the skin are part of the same texture map. Forgive me if this is obvious, but is there a way to mask according to polygon or UVs?  My thought would be to use selection tools in the 2D map window, and have that selection respected in the 3D window. I could lasso an area of texture in the 2D view, and then paint on that section in the 3D window, wiout fear of bleeding into other areas of the texture. Obviously, being able to bleed paint effects like you can now is powerful and good, but sometimes I want to not do that.