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    A PDF function not working correctly in Pro and Reader

    John Heim

      Here is more information from the field staff who informed me of the issue:



      As far as adding pictures to Live Cycle form.


      When field personnel entering the inspection data into the form, if it opens in Reader, they cannot add a photo by clicking on the “paperclip” in the lower left of the form.   The “Add” button is not there.  The can add an image in the field in the form, but I cannot get it out of the form to put into the database…you cannot manipulate the image at all once it is in the field area of the form.  No right click to copy, cut or delete.




      In Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, you can click on the paperclip, add an image file, BUT cannot right click on file to copy elsewhere..which is what I would want to see us be able to do.  I have to save the file as something else, then put it in my database…I don’t want to have to save it as something else due to our numbering system that we are using to file these…A HUGE HEADACHE..


      IF I try to add an image directly to the field in the form, once it is there, you cannot right click to delete it (copy it, cut it)..you cannot get rid of it…only “replace” it with another image….not exactly user friendly if you attach a photo by mistake…


      those are the issues I have with the live cycle form.  we are working on trying to get the information dumped directly into a database, if there are instructions on doing that I would like to have those.  It would save me a lot of time and effort.