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    have keyframes in effect controls window coincide with main time line

    David Zeno Level 1



      Is there any way I can have the time line in my effects control window coincide with my main time line ?


      Example,  I add keyframes along my main time line, but any time I wish to edit  them, I need to scrub my effect controls window timeline to get to that

      spot  that coincides on the main time line.  I'm just wondering how I can  have both time lines show the same area at the same time.


      So  if I'm at the end of my time line, and add a keyframe, and then wish to  just scrub or move my cursor to the beginning of my main time line, the

      time  line in the upper window ( effects control window ) does not reflect  the area of the main time line I am currently at, I need to actually  click the time time

      line ( main time line ) in order to "refresh" the upper effect control window time line.


      Thanks for any advice,